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For Those Single Mothers and others who are serious about Getting Ahead, Keeping More Of Your Money, and Providing A Future 
For Your Children...
The Freedom Coach
$2.00 E- BOOK -Learn Why You Make Them Rich and Why They Want  You To Stay in Debt.  Here Are Keys To Getting Debt Free,  Learning What is Debt, How to Avoid Debt, Why You Should Get Rid of Bad Debt, and Create A Plan to Ditch The Debt...
Learn, Earn, and Pass It On!
In this  $2.00 E- Book  you will learn the financial and business strategies  that will make concepts easier to learn and master. You will be able to increase your cashflow to have the life you deserve and spend more time with your family and travel to see the world.

By receiving the book, you are taking the first steps to freeing up your time and focusing on things that you have always dreamed about doing.  The book will help connect you to your personal power and find the super hero within yourself.  

In addition you will gain awareness of establishing a game plan, protecting your income, and building a life of abundance and so much more...
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What People Are Saying:
This is such an incredible offer!
What I like best is the opportunity to increase my cashflow by using technology to improve my budget and most importantly, be able to educate myself and children on financial strategies. I improved my financial points over 70 points, income shifted over $700 per month, ditched my debt for over $2,800 per month with an annual total cashflow of over $42,900
- Jaime Clayton, Wisconsin
This is such an incredible offer! 
People who have purchased the Freedom Coach books, CDs, and DVDs have called me and told me what a dramatic difference it has made in their lives.  What he does is, he systematically and methodically teaches people how to become financially free, how to have more time for themselves and for their families, and how to live a life of contribution. 
Les Brown (The Motivator)- Georgia
This is such an incredible offer!
What I like best is the networking to increase my network, mentoring by top business people, learning money strategies, being empowered, and influence over my children. I improved my financial points over 50 points, created an income protection plan and retirement plan rollover with an annual total cashflow of over $42,260 . 
- Janine Hopkins, Colorado
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